Misconceptions About Hiring A Bookkeeper

Have you ever considered hiring a bookkeeper, but turned down the concept based on a preconceived idea or fear? Small business owners are very self-aware when it comes to delegating tasks to outside sources. Hiring a bookkeeper can be the right decision for your business logically, but is something holding you back?

I’m going to bust two common myths that most small business owners have when deciding whether to hire a bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers are expensive.

Pricing varies per bookkeeper or bookkeeping firm and you ultimately are paying for what you get. If you find a cheap bookkeeper, you are more than likely hiring someone that has very little to no experience and will not keep your books in order. If you find an expensive bookkeeper, their pricing is most likely higher since they have a great wealth of knowledge and experience. A mid-price bookkeeper? They can have knowledge as well as experience but may be aiming to target a specific audience such as small businesses who are just starting out.

Bookkeepers can be expensive, but it is part of your duty to contact multiple firms to see what they can offer and what their price point is. Also make sure to know what you need and do not need. If you simply need someone to complete monthly reconciliations, state that when communicating with bookkeeping firms. If you need someone to go in weekly and categorize transactions, then state that as well. Knowing what your bookkeeping needs truly are, can keep your expenses down and avoid the potential risk of getting taken advantage of.

Giving out my business accounts to a stranger is worrisome.

A bookkeeper typically has access to all of your sensitive information that you would never want anyone to have. This can be worrisome for some small business owners and there are a few things that you can do to help make sure that your information stays secure.

· Ask the bookkeeping firm if they have a privacy policy

· Ask how they will keep your sensitive information stored (passwords, usernames, etc…)

· Find out if they have a secure method of sending and receiving documents

Pick a bookkeeping firm that has a privacy policy in place, uses a secure program such as LastPass to store information, and that has a method of sending encrypted data. Any bookkeeping firm should have a level of security and they should be open about their methods and practices regarding security measures.

These two common myths are something that we hear regularly from potential clients. We know as a small business owner that it can be hard to make the decision to hire a bookkeeper, but we want to help you become comfortable with the idea to gain the assistance that you need.


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