Small Business Support During COVID-19

Updated: Jun 10

As a small business owner ourself, we know first hand what our clients are going through at this current time. While we continue to keep you updated on any news that comes through, we are still dealing with a lot of confusion and a lack of answers. We are currently still waiting for the bill to be amended and passed through the Senate as well as waiting to hear any additional messages from Governor John Carney.

As employees are forced to go home due to shutdowns, we know that there is an economical struggle currently going on. While people are terrified of the unknown and business owners have no idea as to what their future is at the moment, we ask of you to support small businesses in a few simple ways.

  1. Like and engage with small businesses on their social media platforms. Even if the business is closed at this time, they will reopen when able to and increasing their visibility can help them in the future.

  2. Share posts from small businesses in which they are still promoting what they can offer to the public. If a small business is offering gift cards, share that post. If a fitness studio is now offering classes via streaming, share that post. It costs nothing on your end to share a post and help that business gain awareness.

  3. Simply spread kindness. Small business owners are emotionally going through a lot right now. If you know a small business owner, check in on them. Talk to them and have conversations that could ease their mind or put their mind elsewhere. I'm sure that everyone could agree that we all need a distraction right now and a change of topic.

At this time we encourage you to like our page on Facebook and follow along for updates. We also encourage you to like other small businesses and help spread positivity among the small business community.If you are our client, please message us or email us regarding any information that you may want us to share about your business. Are you holding some sort of promotion? Let us know! We want to help you advertise, get your message across, or simply get you out there and visible. We are not charging anyone for this and we really want to be by your side at this time.

Even if you aren't out client, we still want to help. Please reach out to us as well. We want to support everyone within the small business community.

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